We know you've arrived at this page to make everyone's lives easier, and WE LOVE YOU FOR IT!!

For those of you who didn't know why there was a coaches tab, please read the following: Each team will have a photo session on Saturday (weather and conditions permitting) during which we will take pictures of the entire team and of the individual players and coaches posed in front of the Cooperstown All Star Village sign.

This is just one of the many times we will be taking photos of your team, but this is the only time we will be posing you (generally), and the only time you're in front of the Cooperstown All Star Village sign. This is one of the pictures parents treasure most.

When you are checking your team in and receiving your jerseys, we will have an employee there to help you schedule your team photos. We have time slots available all morning however we recommend that the earlier your team can sign up the better. These pictures will only take about 5 minutes so we ask that you can have your team show up a few minutes before your scheduled time to make our job a little easier. This will help us make your day of arrival in Cooperstown smooth and ensure that everyone who wants to view the pictures has the opportunity to do so, even if they couldn't be here with their player.